CHP has begun…….


Finally after lots of chit chat and deliberation we did it – we started The Chelmsford Happiness Project yay!!!!

So what is CHP? Everyone wants to be happy, its inbuilt within us, but we can lose the power in this day and age to be happy. The aim of CHP is to bring people together to discuss how we can be happier (and we don’t mean winning the lottery!). We will test theories and discuss and uncover and hopefully rediscover happiness, not only personal happiness but also looking at how we can spread happiness far and wide (starting with this blog). We are not the experts, we just want to meet others that also want to be happier.

The foundation for this project is Action for Happiness (Google it now!) which is a movement for positive social change. It is about bringing people together who want to create a happier society for everyone and we are starting in Chelmsford!

So please follow this blog and be a part of our journey…………….





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