Action for Happiness & Happiness Workshops – inspiration!


Since the first CHP meeting in March lots has been happening, here are some of the best bits:- )

I went to my first Action for Happiness event @ Conway Hall in London. It was the ‘Positive Psychology for a Happier World’ talk by Ilona Boniwell (pic above). It was great meeting other AFH members (it was packed) and Ilona was very inspirational. She talked about happiness in the work place, education and parenting (which was v useful) and she did interactive activities that got everyone to look at their strengths and their inner beliefs.

Be great if the CHP members could attend an event together – so please look at the AFH site and see if any events take your fancy and let me know x

My friend and fellow happiness explorer held her first Happiness Workshop in Colchester, which I loved helping out with. We learnt about the science behind Happiness, and discussed acceptance and gratitude. It was a great day and we got to meet some fab people. Her next workshop is on the 19th April!! Please check out her FB page more more info –





3 comments on “Action for Happiness & Happiness Workshops – inspiration!

    • Hi ya – it is still going and it would be lovely if you joined us! Are you on Face Book? If not i put the details of the next meet up on my blog – i am planning next one today! We meet once a month on a sunday morning and meet at different venues (usually a cafe) :). I will message you details of the next one when i arrange. Speak soon! Donna 😉

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