Third meet-up – PLAY


Sorry for delay in posting about our fab meet up based on PLAY – been busy with children with lovely chicken pox and going to Centre Parcs!

Our session was based on Play and was definitely FUN!

We watched a fab video of play through the eyes of a 5 year old girl. She had a camera attached to her head while she played in a New York playground! Check it out at –

We chatted about games we loved as kids like Twister, Skipping (double Dutch) and my favourite was British Bulldog!!!

We learnt about the importance of Play for our well being! Play is important for building relationships because it helps us to connect with others, it releases stress, is a fun way to exercise and builds confidence and self esteem! Play is easy it can be a game of rounders with friends or sitting with a child building Lego – so no excuse to not bring more play into your life. 😉

Coca-Cola are promoting Happiness! They are looking at why adults should play like kids and one game they are raving about is Double Dutch!


Best bit of the session was playing basketball at Chelmsford’s Adidas court in Central Park! We all managed to shoot a hoop (well done girls!). It was def a laugh and I will be doing it again!


We had a record number of happiness explorers at this meet up which was lovely – the happiness is spreading! Next meet up will be continuing the fun with a tea party and games afternoon – date coming soon! Keep playing guys and dolls!!



2 comments on “Third meet-up – PLAY

  1. Was inspired by your talk at the WI meeting and would love to come along to your next meet up. Could you please let me know where and when it is . Thankyou.

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