Forest Bathing – Shinrin-Yoku

In July the Happiness Project went Forest Bathing. This was all about ‘appreciating’ – bring able to connect to the world around us and practice mindfulness.

Forest Bathing literally means ‘A visit to the forest for relaxation’.

As there are no forests near Chelmsford we went to the ‘woods’ in Danbury – which is a very tranquil place, that we found is very easy to lose yourself in 😉

The key to the experience is inhalation of wood essential oils alongside the sensory stimulus you get when walking through a forest (or wood). Research has proven that it increases your immune system, produces cancer- battling proteins, improves blood pressure and helps create a more positive and happier mindset! So get Forest Bathing!!!

It was very relaxing having a stroll through the woods and going exploring! We did get lost which was v funny but it meant we had a lot more exercise!!!

For more info check out this website –

“I want to be a tree…….” X






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