The Happiness Project since July 14 has been AMAZING! Check it out………

Hi happy peeps – sorry for slacking and not keeping my blog up to date – I’ve been having too much FUN this year! The next few blogs will hopefully get you up to date and ready to be a part of the Chelmsford Happiness Project in 2015! 😉

The New City WI talk on Happiness- This was a scary but really great evening, my friend Zoe Flint (hypnotherapist and the founder of the Colchester Happiness Project) and I did a talk about happiness to the WI members at their June meet up. It was so lovely to talk in Chelmsford Cathedral which is beautiful and I could not believe how many lovely ladies turned up – approx 200!

We talked about ‘Resilience’ and ‘Appreciating’ which are 2 of Action for Happiness’ 10 keys to Happier Living. To make it more fun we got the ladies to sit with people they have never met before (connecting with others). They discussed with each other what strengths they have that help them build resilience and discussed how they can start to notice the small things in life more and become more mindful.

The happiness project members made a bag full of things that people could put more of into their lives, to help inspire the WI ladies to try something new! This created a few laughs as some of them said things like “sing more”, “be naked more” & “cuddle a stranger”.

To end it on a high everyone got up and danced to Pharrell Williams “Happy” song – the ladies at the front were kicking their legs in the air!

Please check out the Chelmsford WI, it is one of the biggest WIs in the country!!!




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