October Meet-up – Donuts


In October we met at Dunkin Donuts to discuss ‘random acts of kindness’ & how we can be happier by doing ‘donuts’.

Donuts – if your mind always seems cluttered with thoughts, especially at night when all you want to do is sleep, writing down your thoughts can give you a clearer mind. I was taught to draw a donut (you can keep it simple) on a piece of paper and you write all your thoughts down in the donut. I love crossing any that ‘no longer serve me’. Donuts help to clear my mind and helps me to see my thoughts more objectively. When you are next feeling overwhelmed with thoughts and worries – just ‘put it in your donut’. 🙂


Random acts of Kindness – I love doing RAK’s because they always make me smile, but they ‘generally’ make the recipient smile as well. I am very proud of the CHP members and how many have been giving RAK’s – one of my friends brought a homeless man a sandwich and tea (and she let him choose what he wanted, which was really nice as they generally get given things assuming they will like them). I gave a young couple money for their car-parking, they had under-estimated the cost for parking :). Acts of kindness don’t have to involve money, a smile is enough, or a helping hand. So go out today and start giving kindness x




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