January meet-up – Happiness Jars

I thought it would be nice to start the New Year by making our Happiness Jars! We made Happiness Jars on the first meet-up and it was lovely looking back at everything in my jar from the last year – gig tickets, happy memories, theatre outings and train tickets that led to great days out :).

Here are some pics from the meet-up  – it was a lot of fun and I still keep finding little stars on my floor @ home *.

10409612_10153575370180884_673230891550947649_n 10931448_10153575370120884_181460892482900948_n

10444339_10153575370145884_8291773803152606508_n  Finished Jars – they look FAB!

So how do you make one?

– Find yourself a jar you love (make sure its big enough for the year, unless you want to have a collection which would be cool). I got mine in T K Max which has loads of quirky jars and tins!

– Have fun decorating it with ribbons, put old buttons on thread and tie them round, star stickers, wrap patterned paper round the inside and get a lovely tag to finish it off – I used a luggage tag!

– You can pre-roll bits of paper to have ready in your jar for all your happy, fun, lol moments!

– Then find a great place to put it in your home (pref somewhere you will see it each day, so you don’t forget to fill it).

-Whenever you are having a time when you need cheering up and help remembering how amazing life is, you can look in your jar and remember the good times! Reminiscing is good for the soul x

If you don’t fancy making one you can have your happiness jar on-line – see link below ❤



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