February Meet Up – Love & Origami <3


This was such a fun meet up! It was all about the ‘Trying Something Knew’ – one of the 10 Keys to Happier Living!


I have always wanted to try Origami and I found that it is harder than I thought – but it is very addictive! As it was Valentines Day we made Hearts to give to loved ones. we also made the Swan, Crane and the very hard Frog (nearly)!


We had 2 knew members at the meet up which was lovely & we hope they return! Please all spread the word about the group – new faces are always welcome! Prize to the person who recruits the first male! Lol!

We discussed a making a leaflet to advertise the group – thanks for all the ideas! This is my next project!

Keep practicing Origami – I will bring it with me to the next meet up if anyone else wants to have a go!

Keep trying new things – it’s healthy to challenge ourselves and develop ourselves! You may have a hidden talent! X






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