Giving – No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted x

Chelmsford Happiness Project had their first meet up today that links up with Psychologies Magazine! It was all about ‘Giving’ or RAKs as I like to call them (Random Acts of Kindness). ‘Giving’ is one of the 10 Keys to Happier Living ❤ x

This is the link to Suzy Greaves’s (Editor Psychologies Mag) article about ‘Giving’ – ❤

We discussed what we have done recently to help others. My friend Jo told us an inspiring story about how her & her husband helped a homeless man in London –

“We were shopping in London together and saw a homeless man with no shoes and holes in his socks. He was asking for money, but we decided to buy him some new socks. We ended up in the Nike shop (bit expensive) and bought him some sports socks. We gave him the socks and ended up having a long chat with him. He told us he hadn’t had a bath in ages and didn’t want to dirty his new socks. We asked him if there was anywhere he could go to wash and he said there was a hostel.  We called the hostel for him, to check there was space and got him a cab to make sure he got there. I can still remember the joy and appreciation in his eyes, and it made the parking ticket we got worth it!”

I have heard so many stories of RAKs that the members of CHP have given – all keep being amazing! X

Love this – Three German students decided to help the homeless in a unique way. They made this video to highlight their fundraising initiatives and to show that often a small gesture is enough to help a fellow human being in need. Watch this video it’s beautiful –

We talked about being ‘resentful’. The main thing that made us feel resentful was when others showed no kindness towards us, for example when you smile at someone and they don’t smile back. But we must remember that the key to ‘Generosity’ is to give freely and to not expect anything in return’ ❤ x

We all made pledges – mine is to make people tea at work, because I want to spread more happiness at work.

Others pledges were –

‘Instead of yelling in their car at other drivers, to instead smile and stay calm – the other driver may be having a bad day!

‘Smiling at strangers and saying hello’.

I asked my twin 4 year old boys how they could be kinder at school and they said “helping people by giving them ideas’ and they said “girls are always kind because they don’t hurt people”. X

I love talking to my boys about ‘happiness’ – they say some really insightful things! Below is a link to a website that lists ‘acts of kindness for kids’.

We have discussed kindness at a few CHP meet-ups and I am always inspired by other peoples RAKs. It does not take a lot to be kind – a smile is enough :).

Take away these affirmations on me –

“I am amazing”

“I am confident”

“I am beautiful”

Be kind to yourself and tell yourself these 3 things every day 🙂


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