June Meet-up. Try something new.


This meet up is about the importance of trying new things – take a risk – educate yourself – challenge yourself- explore your abilities.

“Learning affects our well-being in lots of positive ways. It exposes us to new ideas and helps us stay curious and engaged. It also gives us a sense of accomplishment and helps boost our self-confidence and resilience.

There are many ways to learn new things – not just through formal qualifications. We can share a skill with friends, join a club, learn to sing, play a new sport and so much more” (Action for Happiness).

This meet up was not very successful as everyone was super busy in the sun so instead we did a virtual meet-up and I asked the ‘happiness explorers’ to send me pics of new things they try throughout the month.

  • Kate posted this – I defiantly tried new things this weekend!!
    1 – put up a tent all by myself and slept in it with my two lovely babies
    2- swung from a tree
    3- swam in the river
    4- rowed a boat!!


  • Briony learnt to Bollywood dance at the Fling Festival and so did I! Bollywood dancing is great fun and very good exercise!!
  • Nams said she watched the Formula E event in Battersea Park.

I designed the Chelmsford Happiness flyers – which was a first for me!! This is what I love about the project it seems to challenge me all the time – before the happiness project I had never run an event or project before! I try to make each meet-up something different so members get to try new things and hopefully have fun and ‘time out’ at the same time x


Go on do something different today – even if it is something small like eating an olive for the first time – u may like it 🙂


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